Why we do it

We passionately believe that children and young people need to be in the right environment conducive to positive emotional, physical and mental development. Dance and the performing arts are a way to express feelings in a non-verbal way and release feel good chemicals called endorphins, reducing stress, anxiety and low moods all whilst keeping fit! We love working with children and young people and believe that the right environment is instrumental to encourage ambition and see success. Due to our ethos, values and success we have been awarded ‘Inspiring Youth’ Award by Social Enterprise UK, The Duke of York Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016 and a Social for Social Enterprise 2016 Fellow.




What we do

The Aim Sky High Company provides dance, drama and singing tuition to children and young people aged 2-25 years old. We used the arts as a tool to teach life- long transferable skills such as leadership, teamwork, career planning, goal setting and many more whilst having fun.

How we do it

We have five different levels of tuition.

Level 1

Open Classes This is for those who want to dip their feet in the arts. We provide fun, energetic and educational open classes. We deliver Physical Education lessons, lunchtime and afterschool clubs for schools. We also deliver open evening and weekend classes in dance, drama and singing.

Level 2

ASH Academies:  These are a fresh take on stage schools and academies. This is for those who have a strong interest in the performing arts. The academies run for 1.5 hours per week for 4-6 year olds and 2 hours per week for 7-18 year olds. Participants enjoy one singing, drama and dance.

Level 3

Performing Arts School Our performing arts school is high intensity, with children and young people attending a minimum of 9 hours per week to participate in drama, singing, ballet and streetdance. They train and perform nationally and internationally on a regular basis. Participants are currently North-West, UK and European Streetdance champions. This service is only available in our hometown of Stretford.

Level 4

Corporate Project Management We provide bespoke arts project management services to youth provision providers. We advise and help different organisations to build an arts based project. Our recent clients include Playfactore and Trafford Council.

Level 5

Charity Work: We fulfill charitable requests by providing performances, sessional tuition and online tuition videos in order to help increase accessibility to the performing arts.



Values (What is important to us)


• A friendly, non-judgmental family like environment – every child and young person should feel comfortable and at home when participating in our lessons. The Aim Sky High Company want to be enjoyable.
• Always try your hardest – every participant should be motivated to do their best, and the most that The Aim Sky High Company can ever expect of a participant or young person is to always try their hardest. We believe this work ethic will be beneficial to the children and young people throughout their lives.
• Always aim sky high but know the sky is not the limit – every participant should have the opportunity to dream and have someone to help guide him or her in the direction to help that dream become reality.

Vision (How we plan to take over the world)


The Aim Sky High Company wants to make opportunities for children and young people to participate in the performing arts accessible all around the world. We are starting from our hometown of Stretford, Manchester, and plan to branch out all over the world!


What Makes Us a Social Enterprise (What good we do for the world)


Here at Aim Sky High, accessibility to the arts is extremely important to us and we therefore endeavor to break as many barriers as possible to ensure that we make this happen. We do this in several ways:

• We partner with many of our clients and other businesses to offer full or partial scholarships to a select number of students in order to reduce the financial barrier to our services that some children, young people and families may experience.

• Our Performing Arts School do select voluntary performances for charity events across the UK

• We partner with charities abroad to produce tutorial videos for those who may not have access to professional dance teachers. We create routines, video them and upload them online.

• We frequently offer fully funded sessions

• We purposefully situate many of our classes in underprivileged and deprived areas in order to increase accessibility to the arts

• We aim to increase our number of sessions aimed at working with children and young people with disabilities, providing more opportunities for disabled youth.