I just want to say how pleased we are with the progress that the girls have made this last year at ASH.  Their achievements in the competitions they have taken part in have been fantastic and it was great to see them so actively involved in the end of year show at Z-Arts.  I think ASH has really improved their confidence, self-esteem and they just really enjoy themselves and have a good time.  They have also made a lot of friends and feel very much part of the group.  I think it is always lovely to see how much respect the kids of all ages have for each other, how the older ones look out for the younger ones.  I think ASH is teaching all the children really good values and life skills which is just as important as the Dance and Drama.  You and your team are dedicated, professional and the standard you are producing is outstanding.  Sometimes, you need to try a few different activities to find the right one for your child, and I certainly think they have found their niche at ASH.
Mother of two girls at ASH

Manchester United Foundation strives to create positive and engaging opportunities for young people to enable them to develop their skills, confidence and future aspirations. Working with Christina Taylor has enabled the Foundation to offer an additional strand to our cohesion project, that replicates the ethos of our wider delivery; great quality provision that offers support & guidance for young people to make positive choices.
Dawn Bracegirdle,
Community Cohesion Manager at Manchester United Foundation

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